<![CDATA[EMPOWERED LIFE BY DESIGN<br />follow your heart it will lead you on a journey like no other! - Jennivolves]]>Mon, 29 Feb 2016 07:43:02 -0500EditMySite<![CDATA[Empowered Mind through Yoga]]>Wed, 01 Jul 2015 12:15:16 GMThttp://www.empoweredlifebydesign.com/jennivolves/empowered-mind-through-yogaFor years I've been so hard on myself for not looking a certain way or eating a certain diet. I'm not really sure where the idea of being a certain size even stemmed from. It doesn't matter now because I've come to really love my body. I'm treating it better, exploring it, showing it off (like in this photo), hah! But, that's besides the point, my point is we should all love our bodies, their our temples, our holders to our soul. And here I am doing the one thing I love, yoga, showing it off because it's the one thing in life that has made me realize how good this body and this one life really is.